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/spam/ ~ Porn Palace Discord
File 152496234048.png - (18.99KB , 512x512 , discord_icon_for_metro_ui_icon_set_by_craftplacer-.png )
928 No. 928
No rules discord server for sharing whatever you want.

>> No. 929
it's secure?
>> No. 930
I feel like this is a trap
>> No. 931
prepare your asshole if you use discord
>> No. 932
discord is fine for jb just dancing or twerking/whatever(non-nudity). Nudity though/known files = you will get rekt. They have bots that scan, they also keep logs forever about who visits what.
>> No. 933
I joined
>> No. 934
the timings of these comments suggest the poster is talking to himself
>> No. 936
the link is expired
>> No. 985

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