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/spam/ ~ Wanna chat with my beautiful 8 year old daughter?
File 152514808112.jpg - (319.22KB , 1280x960 , 2010-10-23_17-46-01_Foto0098.jpg )
922 No. 922
1. Download the app/visit the website chatous and create an account.
2. Add lexikitty008
3. Post her username other boards to spread it, I want her to make lots of friends

If further proof/verification is needed, email me at lexilicious@protonmail.com
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>> No. 938
That giro is cute, but how we can know she is real?
>> No. 958
File 152615431988.jpg - (237.34KB , 1280x960 , 1429359833209-4.jpg )
Nice try cops, I have the full set (Klara).
>> No. 959
That's Klara duh, also learn to change filenames.
>> No. 964
File 152623483347.jpg - (391.04KB , 1572x1080 , klara m.jpg )
>> No. 978
File 152659070463.jpg - (25.62KB , 328x449 , unnamed (8).jpg )
this is for all the bastard cops: ūüė¨ūüė¨

>> No. 979

Malditos policías todos son bastardos
Sales a la calle y y eres arrestado
Por protestar y reclamar tus derechos
Los cerdos armados te llevar√°n preso

¬ŅCuando llegar√° el d√≠a, que la polic√≠a muera? (X2)

Malditos policías quiero exterminarlos
Quisiera tomar a 100 rehenes de ellos
colgarlos con una soga del cuello
Rosearles gasolina, prenderles fuego


Con una jeringa inyectarles veneno
Con un bat de baseball tronarles los huesos
Con un machete cortarlos en pedazos
Dejarlos sangrando, que mueran lento

[Chorus] (X2)

Maldita policía, hija de perra!
>> No. 980
Damn policemen, they're all bastards
You go out and you're arrested
For protesting and claiming your rights
Armed pigs will take you prisoner
When the day will come, will the police die? (X2)
Damn policemen I want to exterminate them
I'd like to take 100 hostages of them
Hang them with a rope around the neck
Peel them gasoline, set them on fire
With a syringe inject poison
With a bat of baseball, the bones
With a machete cut them into pieces
Let them bleed, let them die slowly
[Chorus] (X2)
Damn police, you bitch daughter!
>> No. 982
P.S. Not only the police dogs (no pun intended), but their masters too...the NWO big bosses.
>> No. 984
yes friend, for example Donald Trump and his "police ice". he gives the order to stop the immigrants at all costs, not caring if they humiliate them, mistreat or even kill the immigrants, perhaps many of them innocent who only seek to work and earn their money honestly.
>> No. 995
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