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/spam/ ~ Wo ist 144chan
File 152224972390.jpg - (46.25KB , 608x233 , 144+155+180.jpg )
802 No. 802
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>> No. 803
Yea I wonder that too
>> No. 806
File 152266381446.jpg - (1.63MB , 2736x3648 , f-ivana-01-002-OPT082.jpg )
You can still access 144chan if you add this line to your Tor Browser's torrc file:

MapAddress 144chan.ws

After you restart Tor Browser, this will map the right IP to the domain.
>> No. 807
File 152266412638.jpg - (1.28MB , 1944x2592 , 039.jpg )
Also I find it very strange that most of the Tor Exit nodes are banned now. I had to cycle through many exit nodes before I could make a post.
>> No. 808
>>11913 >>11915
This method works!
But I have not tried to send messages yet.
>> No. 810
True Thank You
>> No. 813
What's the best browser for this
>> No. 887
Unless you have your tor browser on an encrypted drive, by altering your torrc file as described you leave a proof that you visited 144chan. No deniability any more.


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