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/spam/ ~ Browser mining warning
File 152115941654.jpg - (207.48KB , 1906x992 , 155 chan virus.jpg )
735 No. 735
I get a Norton cryptocurrency mining alert at every thread in mir
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>> No. 736
Yea! It has got me too! I can't get to any triforce threads because my antiV will not allow them to load due to that same coin-miner trojan. I had to use tor and turn off the antiV just to come ask what was up in a post asking what was happening. Glad too see it is not just me.

Anybody else not able to have threads load due to AV blocking them?
>> No. 739
MB started giving the warning today, but it lets me load the thread anyway, not sure if its blocking it if urs is not allowing the pg to load, got me worried now.
>> No. 740
My worries is I use Norton same as OP, and it does not go off are warn in TOR, but I tried without TOR and it set off Norton in every click of the mouse 2 different coinminer versions.

Now I am worried my Norton isnt working on TOR sites.

Would love some expert to advise why it blocks without TOR but not when using TOR???
>> No. 744
you mean too use it or not to use it? either way i am still blocked, i thought the boards were down again
>> No. 745
I think the mods warned us they would start using crypto coinminers. Isn't that just one of them? Plenty of browser extensions to block that junk.
>> No. 746
do not know nuttin from nuttin, but that is a java script exploit, didn't see it in tor because you hace JS disabled?
>> No. 747
What is a coinminer??
>> No. 750
Read at bottom of this page:

>By browsing 155chan you consent to donating 15% of your CPU power to generate cryptocurrency for making us filthy rich covering server costs.
>> No. 752
Interested in the mechanics of this, e.g. how does this work with a OS that doesn't treat a .exe as executable? Or Brave Browser? Or text-based browsers?
>> No. 753
File 152119687461.jpg - (2.63KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
Using cryptocurrencies to help us with chan expenses has been proposed 5 months ago https://180chan.info/spam/res/446.html. And was actually implemented 3 months ago for a while https://155chan.top/spam/res/88.html

We are now trying it again and hoping it will help cover some of the chan's growing costs. With tens of thousands of daily visitors we need a monstrous bandwidth package, and with dozens of spam and cp posts daily we need paid mods round the clock. I said it before and will remind you again, chans don't run themselves, and ad revenue is already very low and it doesn't help many of you bastards adblock. And when we suggested bitcoin donations as an alternative we got nil.

So yes, I'm trying my best here to make ends meet. And I'm not even beginning to dream about making a profit for the hard work and taken risk. Also the Monero mining CPU usage is only 15% and a footer notification was added.

If you're so unbelievably stingy you don't wanna donate way less than a fucking cent every fucking month through your electricity bill I'll be more than happy to show you the door.

And the chan is clean according to virustotal.com which utilizes 67 anti-viruses. If you're using an overzealous AV like Norton you can simply make an exception.

Since this is a meta discussion I will move this thread to /spam/ tomorrow.

>> No. 754
Why do you delete all the post that prove you wrong, and only leave up what you think exonerates you.


You bitch and moan about needing money, when dozens have told you how to do it using html ads instead of Js $0.50 DAILY CAME A BIT SHORT OF PAYING THE BILLS - WHICH IS EXACTLY WHY WE TOOK HTML ADS OUT ,and would make 10 times more money, and they always disappear within minutes.

IF it is not! as you try and insist, then leave this post up and lets have a discussion on it, a fair and open discussion, showing both sides and you might learn something from the visitors who have been doing this for decades.
>> No. 759
File 152133482459.jpg - (24.00KB , 480x360 , 1510cfb7aabe8e620dd4826093afcbff--cartoon-network-.jpg )
you mad bro xd
>> No. 766
File 152135855285.png - (13.41KB , 125x116 , myhat.png )
I wish all the dorks only good at kicking and screaming would put their energy into good use instead. I've been working on this chan almost all day for almost a year with zero compensation, and we've grown to the degree that it's simply impossible for all policies to be approved by all users.

If you don't like how this place is being run you're welcome to voice your opinion. If your opinion was not convincing for the administration you're welcome to go elsewhere. If you can't find any elsewhere good enough you're welcome to start your own board. If you don't want to start your own board you're welcome to volunteer your time or money here to take some stress off our backs.

If you don't want any of the above yet still insist on hanging around then you're implicitly admitting we're doing the best chan job possible under realistic time & money constraints, and so please shut the fuck up and don't be a source of annoyance to users and mods.

>> No. 771
"There has been a lot of talk around CPU activity and the effect cryptomining has on it. The truth is that cryptomining consumes significant processing power — a typical cryptomining script uses 60% to 70% of a CPU. If multiple tabs are open in the browser window, and all of them are engaged in mining activity, CPU activity will quickly hit the 100% mark, causing other system activities to fail and shut down."

>> No. 772
File 152148304942.png - (13.41KB , 125x116 , myhat.png )
I will not delete this post because unlike your other horseshit spam you're finally trying to be reasonable.

We set our miner at only 15%. But don't take my word for it. Check your system processes now with and without 155chan open and you will see it consumes only an extra 15%. Also opening multiple tabs does not increase the load. Try opening 10 threads now and you will see the load is the same. What your links are talking about are maleware which not only mine at 100% but also do so 24/7 on infected computers.

15% is actually less than what playing a game or even a video would consume. And given the average user spends only 36 minutes on the chans daily we actually consume less power than watching a 36 minute youtube clip, which is exactly why 67 of 67 antiviruses find 155chan safe.

We may still remove the miner if too many noobs with Norton and MB got scared away. This has got nothing to do with them being unsafe. You have to know however that if this happens chan performance will suffer. Less money means we can't rent a quick server, nor hire enough mods or incentivize them enough to quickly delete spam. And if I don't get to at least cover my personal expenses I will treat this project as a hobby and spend 2 hours daily on it not 12+.

We haven't brokeneven yet guys. I'm doing my best to make ends meet and it doesn't help all you think about is being 100% convenient. You don't want ads, or donations, or mining, but still demand excellent service without spam or cp or trolling or downtimes. That's simply not possible. If we don't make some shekel we'll be heading girlti.me and cutieland.to road and you'll all be back enjoying thrilling age of consent discussions at /younglove/

>> No. 773
Your problem?

*MOST* AV progs are going to block cryptominers without notifying the users.

Kaspersky, Bitdefender, and others simply block them.

I use Kaspersky and I'm looking at my Task Manager .... and I'm seeing between 7-10% total.

Most importantly, TOR is using less than 1%.

Conclusion - cryptominer, if present, is clearly being blocked.

This is failing as a revenue tactic because AV progs are simply blocking the miner from running.

"Game day bucket go home!"
>> No. 774
I get it. Bandwidth and servers cost cash.

I used to mod on one of the most popular jb sites and forums. That shit quickly ads up.

The only real solution is running ads on the chan. That sucks but I don't really see how you're going to get around it. Make them as unobtrusive as possible.

Unless you're going to be asking for donations. Something that 99.999% of people simply aren't going to do given the nature of these chans.
>> No. 786
It is with much gratitude that I write this post. I came across 155.top a few months back. Since then, until now I have enjoyed the variety of posts as well as the contributions to the various free sites. I have also enjoyed reading the numerous comments left by contributors and Mod's alike. They are both humorous and informative in their descriptions. I have found over the years that Mod’s are often abused, more than not, hated, sometimes thanked, and seldom praised. It is with this thought that I wish to give both praise and thanks to all the Mod’s of 155, 180 & 144 alike. You guys have and for all I see, are doing an amazing job to keep these various boards alive. I hope this small recognition assists you in your ongoing task. Kind regards


>> No. 888
My CPU load is close to 0 as well. I don´t think that you got a lot of visitors without tor or another anon proxy, so there is probably not much mining done.
I second Loony from 786, this is the only free non-tor site matching my interests.
I know the risks involved in keeping the site up, so my many thanks for your effort and dedication. Your doing a great job, and I hope you can continue to do so.



>> No. 917
Well, I am considering it, but is there a safe way of doing so?
Allowing java script or not using tor is not an option,too many known busts due to that already, and bitcoin is quite traceable.
I would gladly click on your ad banners, if you were to use those, or visit friendly sites if that does help you to raise money.


>> No. 942

FILE: http://dl.free.fr/fgmFKfPdj

password onepiece 55

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