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/mir/ ~ Fabia & Valia
File 151903632050.jpg - (24.02KB , 500x361 , 1518132535703.jpg )
6881 No. 6881
Someone please upload their sets (Astral Nymphets, Lolitas Art, etc.).
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>> No. 6882
Seconded, Fabia alone or Valia alone, or both of them together, I'd very much like to see those sets
>> No. 6886
posted here:
>> No. 6897

lolitas art added

>> No. 7011
File 151911145310.png - (26.30KB , 459x184 , error.png )
There's no way in hell I'm downloading this bare IP or paying.

Someone please upload (preferably only the sets of Fabia & Valia) this elsewhere.
>> No. 7022
you should just ignore all the /cg/ links and wait for real /mir/ links

I've made a script that converts automatically all /cg/ links to this format: LINK REMOVED FOR SHEKELEERING ON /MIR/.
>> No. 7064
File 151914904929.jpg - (69.99KB , 1024x768 , valia014.jpg )
Valia Hodgepoadge

pass: val

file: https://multifilemirror.com/zxlv9rafpvy9/valia_hodgepodge.rar.html
>> No. 8001
THANKS! Please god post more!!!
>> No. 8491

fabia pls
>> No. 13052
File 152315981314.jpg - (63.37KB , 1024x768 , 012.jpg )
Bumping this thread to gift to you what you seek. Link contains everything I've ever had of Fabia, plus some extra goodies.

The pictures are a random grab-bag there are specific set folders as well, so there are some repeat pictures. The only sets missing are i-Preteen 01 and 42, but those may have been repeats anyway.

Pass is Fabiabro.
>> No. 13331
Thank you very much.
>> No. 13340
File 152329849785.jpg - (74.36KB , 443x875 , fabia024_1-1.jpg )
You're welcome. :)
>> No. 13358
She was a very sexy little girl, although too much hebe-content for my tastes. Good work.
>> No. 14424

Thanks a lot. You are a lifesaver! Don't worry, the i-Preteen sets are indeed repeats.
>> No. 20970
Thank you for your upload of Goddess.zip containing a random grab-bag of pictures & some extra goodies inside.
Good work, I enjoyed your efforts greatly!
>> No. 20985

thank you for the upload, I enjoyed the pics I haven't seen in a long time.
Valia was a great little girl!

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