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/mir/ ~ That Vintage Look
File 151840823570.jpg - (126.27KB , 622x872 , Kingpouge_00.jpg )
5969 No. 5969
What are some modeling studios whose sets have that vintage look due to the older cameras' photo quality? Please share some, I love it.
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>> No. 6578
THANK YOU for that file!!
Great contribution! :-)
...Perhaps there's more from Black Cat floating around ?
>> No. 6621
Another batch of MCLT for the mix, all as found. 500MB 4,500 images so in three parts.

Most has probably been posted but can you take the risk of missing out? lol
Need all parts to join with winrar or similar.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

pw is 155chan
>> No. 6623
Sorry I should have checked, half of these 4,400 pics are f*cking duplicates - don't waste your time or bandwidth. If I get time I'll delet dupes amd repost.
>> No. 6627

that would be very appreciated
>> No. 6633
File 151876699629.jpg - (59.06KB , 352x426 , sl_1_50.jpg )
thank you
>> No. 6635

Anyone has others?
>> No. 6675
this is duplicate of my post
>> No. 6760
These gems should be shared forever on the internet.
>> No. 6773
>Sorry I should have checked, half of these 4,400 pics are f*cking duplicates - don't waste your time or bandwidth. If I get time I'll delet dupes amd repost.

Not a big deal at all! IMO, I'd rather have them and sort through it myself. Thanks for the D/L ... I know mine isn't complete, but I get closer with each thread like this one!
>> No. 6839
>I collected all the magazines way back when, had stacks and stacks of them - 100's!
What was their country of origin (the magazines)?
>> No. 6844
I remember this. Used to fap to it when I was 12. From a site called webring.
>> No. 6860
please more
>> No. 6994
>> No. 8487
>> No. 9017
>>6839 not op but various countries,sweden,japan pretty much all of em.

does anyone have any of the videos,bc scan grls in particular?

i remember a good amount of vids being posted at bc newsgroup in the early days but they were probably not converted to the best quality. anyways some of these magazines you can find for sale and many include cd/dvd's.i have links somewheres

>>5986 internet princess was probably one person and the same who made that art above where the title says princess.probably the same person who went to every single other newsgroup and posted the bc scans..it worked for what it was intended genius. she is a legend,perhaps should be remembered as the all time original legend of the internets.

as for laika the face that launched a billion..
crystal ships.seen her mag for sale twice in the last 30 years or so both times around a grand..
>> No. 9085
good stuff! david hamilton is another legend of this style of art. from that era, there were a few good color climax videos, too. right before opva got nuked someone was posting new vhs rips in astonishing quality. shame my hd died a month later - maybe lost forever.
>> No. 9132
That Laika set is one of Jacques Bourboulon works that was bought/republished by Japs. Jacques photoalbum "Melodies" of 1987 was someone I know first contact with naked beautiful PT girls. There is a blond Dutch girl on that book that is pretty much awesome.
>> No. 9140
Thanks to all posters. This thread is pure gold.
>> No. 9205
File 152027379935.jpg - (52.70KB , 507x704 , 31007274.jpg )
>> No. 9206
File 152027385261.jpg - (37.49KB , 559x391 , 94145196_ed.jpg )
>> No. 9207
File 152027401819.png - (901.86KB , 608x872 , Bc_lo005.png )

>> No. 9208
File 152027414035.jpg - (36.09KB , 520x466 , Sara03.jpg )
>> No. 9238


>> No. 9246
>> No. 9256
Old film cameras can produce negatives with resolution that surpasses digic a ms if you scan the negs at a high level..Film frames have huge amounts of detail.
>> No. 9257
>>9132 that is incorrect afaik,it is Hiromi Saimon and not Jack Bourbon
>> No. 9261
Hamilton used diffusion to achieve effects with color. Other photographers mechanically followed his lead, and so we have lots of great shots we have to look at through a fog.
>> No. 9289
File 152032714973.jpg - (99.12KB , 628x814 , cs_008_07.jpg )


http://ge.tt/502T1ro2 or
>> No. 9290
NOOOOO PASS try 1s more...
>> No. 9291

You can call me an extremely desperate pedo, but this little girl's ass just made me shoot a THICK load of cum. Just imagining sucking on her young asscheeks makes my pedocock throb!
>> No. 9294
Does this contain hardcore?
>> No. 9305
http://ge.tt/502T1ro2 "These files are not available until tomorrow, because the owner has reached the daily traffic limit." any chance this can be posted to a different file server?
>> No. 9326
batch3 is dead link
>> No. 9329

it's not dead, only a typo at the end
the ge.tt link, however, is unavailable as stated before
>> No. 9373
Man, I love you. Waiting for that ge.tt link to get up. Damn, that is some collection you got there.
>> No. 9376
please answer
>> No. 9459
ge.tt is not available - please reup
>> No. 9461
pleace read before w@nk,,,

GETT is the same batch as solidfiles, thats why I typed "or" get it

whit other words this file: https://www.solidfiles.com/v/Wd742K5Zy2R7X
>> No. 9462
File 152047425480.jpg - (154.57KB , 638x998 , Melodies_60.jpg )
>> No. 9463
File 152047486528.jpg - (149.25KB , 530x768 , 105-049.jpg )
>> No. 9467
File 152047563611.jpg - (94.25KB , 697x929 , xx4-Q-fNGtQ.jpg )

I don't use pw here because i think U all can 'KISS' my ass...
'Keep It Simple Stupid'
>> No. 9473
more this girl
>> No. 9491
Nah, I saw the "or". It was just wishful thinking there were more than only 3 batches of those fantastic scan files. How things were better in the 1970s when those magazines were published in Denmark, before we empowered 3 billion retarded morons with the advent of cheap high speed internet and smartphones in the 2000s.
I remember when only a few smart, rich, godblessed people had high speed Internet and only in the US, Canada, Japan, and Western Europe. That was a time when you could go to the internet and find so many fantastic and lovely things. made by smart people from the 1st-world. Then we opened the internet to the subhuman dregs from the 3rd-world and the south of the planet and internet became this useless pile of shit, full of subhuman "opinions" of retarded 3rd-world high school dropouts and all those beautiful got lost forever as GOD hates all the poor (Adam Smith, Hayek and Mises said that, not me). Yeah those were good times, before everything went down the drain. Once you let someone that is not rich enough to touch anything, they will destroy it.
Sorry for the autism of my rant.
Thanks anyway. And if you have more magazines please post.
>> No. 9565
this one looks super cute! I wonder if there might be more of her available? thanks in advance :-)
>> No. 9585
File 152054122729.jpg - (12.73KB , 720x539 , FB_IMG_1519193849369.jpg )
That is too much beautiful thing

Thanks for sharing
>> No. 20992
File 152651598818.jpg - (124.64KB , 535x800 , 416092884.jpg )
Anyone have the Jacques Bourboulon Melodies collection? Has this sweet girl plus Eva Ionesco pics. Have seen a sampling but not complete.
>> No. 20993
Link of pics Please!!
>> No. 21035
File 152654234877.png - (19.74KB , 320x306 , hdorl.png )
>> No. 21343
File 152678215359.jpg - (143.44KB , 886x854 , coq-6667n.jpg )
Eva Ionesco is a retro beauty. Love to see more.
>> No. 21388
Yes! Her and Lara Wendel... But I think Lara didn't take many modelling photos like Eva? CMIIW

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