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/mir/ ~ Depfile is down (forever)
File 152650756621.png - (53.91KB , 511x376 , smh.png )
20975 No. 20975
What a joke. Depfile is no longer.

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>> No. 21016
Damn... but no surprise. They never deleted stuff even if reported
>> No. 21034
Depfile appears to be up and running.
>> No. 21036
File 152654261441.png - (163.19KB , 1162x810 , ds.png )
>> No. 21037
File 152654261533.jpg - (79.66KB , 1333x900 , 1472661453489.jpg )


>> No. 21042
Well let's see what bigboard is doing now...I don't think they got through the trouble of bringing order to nearly three decades full of material without lots of backup plans. It's also rather funny that no word of the Russian involvement came up in those news articles, but in the end it's just business as usual. At least millions of newly hooked individuals are now loose on the clearnet.
>> No. 21043
well they're gone again
>> No. 21045
I guess it's politics BS. Like that Mega Upload shut down drama shit, then it becomes Mega nz. Later maybe Depfile will become something else like Johnny Depfile.
>> No. 21046
Also Depfile was available to leech (even premium). They're not making profit for sure.
>> No. 21060
What's bigboard? I've seen it mentioned lots of times in cp spam all over the net (forums, guestbooks, pastes etc.) Is it a site or do they just spam their links all over the place? If it's a site or there is a gate to find them plz post.
>> No. 21096
people are already switching to file.al

>What's bigboard?
need to know to pls

back in 2010 I downloaded LS stuff via search engines which had pw bigboard but I never found that site
>> No. 21099
File 152656924124.jpg - (24.96KB , 396x314 , vin.jpg )
Yeah, I noticed that too since few months back. Posters in jb forums posted a lot of file.al and featured those. Really pushing it. Any leeching service can't leech file.al...

Maybe it was planned all along?

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