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/mir/ ~ Did someone say Polly
File 152440872519.jpg - (140.86KB , 1278x820 , Pmastprevj_5221302_30028157.jpg )
15554 No. 15554
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>> No. 15573
You. Are. A. GOD.
>> No. 15584
More of polly pleasee
>> No. 15595
>> No. 15609
Delicious contractions. This video is the best
>> No. 15610
Thanks for sharing! Polly is one of the sexiest and cutest preteens I know!
She's certainly into underage sex as well, what is quite needed for a girl like her too!
>> No. 15612
First file wont open
>> No. 15613
How to open it
>> No. 15615
thanks man you're a true hero .
you just made a hoarder starve to death ... x'D
>> No. 15618
I used winrar and it didnt work sum help would be nice
>> No. 15619
use 7zip
>> No. 15620
Tried using 7zip it say can not open file as archive
>> No. 15623
I assume you know that all these files are linked, and all need to be downloaded before unzipping.... just sayin.
>> No. 15626
>> No. 15629
the post it from spainard in forbiden fruit and he made a stupid mistake requesting casey rare photosets offering this vids for free seem he doent know how trade works xD well bad for him he inmolate himself for nothing funny thing its that he deleted all his links next day after i told him that not the way to get rare conent xD but the leak was done some other leecher copy the links again still not a big loss they are thousand of rare thing you will have to wait long time to see leecher enjoy this vids because its the best vid toy will ever hand in months xD
>> No. 15630
Figured jt out thnks
>> No. 15631
>> No. 15635
OMG! I love her!
>> No. 15640
Love the real orgasms, not all that fake crap,
REALLY Love the squirt orgasm, probably the best I ever seen, really not faking it just working the clit to just right on the vib and presto the twitching and a nice lil squirt. How the really are most times.
>> No. 15647
Can we get in one file smaller please
>> No. 15648
that's not all of the video...the but plug Nikole used in her videos also got a nice workout in polly too... hopefully that part will come public too
>> No. 15651
I don't know what you think about but, in my opinion,This video is a completely loss. I don't know what the heck the one who made this video have in their brain, if they have one? ... when they waste the chance of having a beautiful preteen girl willing to show her beautiful naked body and share a masturbation and the STUPID cameraman only shows a close up of her ass ... instead of an open view of her beautiful face enjoying the pleasure, caressing herself her nipples while the vibrator does its work. Come on! no matter how beautiful the ass could be, what the video MUST show is her face, her small nipples, to see how she enjoy the moment and NOT only the hollow of her ass. It is a weakness of this kind of activity, many beautiful models are wasted in stupid video sessions and badly managed photos.
>> No. 15664
Thanks OP. Love tour hilarious denoument.
>> No. 15665
'your'...those two characters are too fucking close to distinguish the two in dim light.
>> No. 15666
What the fuck is this shit?
>> No. 15679
enough, trash clown
>> No. 15686
File 152447390739.jpg - (51.20KB , 612x449 , timeline145045617500037.jpg )
>> No. 15690
such a sex slave
>> No. 15696
any help on opening have got all parts and show as 1.1gb but wont open
>> No. 15701
Why time does the squirt orgazm happen?
>> No. 15707
File 152448844725.jpg - (190.71KB , 500x496 , meme-tears-darkwing.jpg )
please cry some more ... your tears are tasty
>> No. 15709
7zip you need lol!
>> No. 15720
squirt happens about 6:30 right after she climbs back on, shes close, climbs on works just her clit around on the vibrator till its right and viola!

even the camera guy misses it, he had zoomed out at the time, but its clear, even dribbles down the vibrator.
>> No. 15725
OMG Thanks
>> No. 15727
File 152449758865.jpg - (17.52KB , 138x207 , LOSSERS.jpg )
It Was a great vid 6 months ago and has a beautiful photoset too you know... dirty leechers ;)
>> No. 15730
Should I assume that this is made of unobtanium?
>> No. 15738
could someone tell me how to convert polly film after downloaded
>> No. 15739
Video hot, but not fully good. Why ah-oh was replaced on music? The squirt looks not natural:(
Nevertheless I have fap 1 time:)
>> No. 15740
This Polly? OMG, good news. I knew that she had sex. Because on video visible that she has a big dark hole:)
>> No. 15742
File 152450074735.jpg - (314.32KB , 2000x1500 , sandy is a leecher too.jpg )
i dont care if you have them ,
you will never get to see as much as i did
>> No. 15750
now stop drooling and go ask your superior whore-der about this set :p
>> No. 15756
LOLOL another vid leaked fucking hoarders
>> No. 15764
Omg a videos that was bought 3 or 4 yrs ago and leaked to a vip room for traders 6 months ago and finally now leaked to public for all the leechers well i was about time isnt it ill be disappointed if after all that time that video wasnt released ;)
>> No. 15770
File 15245076585.jpg - (24.00KB , 480x360 , 1510cfb7aabe8e620dd4826093afcbff--cartoon-network-.jpg )
can you post it again i didnt saw you pictures so idk wtf are you taking about leecher xD
PD:Admin you are really funny dont even try im on tor LOL
>> No. 15778
all you people that say I have everything look at me you will never get this STFU!
your not the one that shared the video your just morons that pretend your something else.
>> No. 15784
File 152451253819.jpg - (1.74MB , 3456x5184 , IMG_4765 (Copy).jpg )
more hd video please
>> No. 15804
That video with polly is great. She is hot. Love to see more.
>> No. 15823
Now can we expect to see the HOLY GRAIL video of feet and vagina oil play with Gvenet and that other toddler?
>> No. 15826
I appreciate the effort by all posters, but that was 10 mins and a gigabyte of lame, she doesn't react whatsoever? Awesome post, terrible actor and by the way, is that shit in 4k? Clarity is crazy
>> No. 15828
The Polyfan sets (videos etc) have been available for a long time - (not here of course) - i guess being a noob, you have missed them?

They are by far the most erotic and sexual works of art. Equal to the "original" LS series. With much detail to the expression, make-up and erotique of little girls. Yes, open pussy shots, but done in a very erotic, sexual, soft and exquisite way.
>> No. 15834
could some kind soul do a downsample of the polly vid for the lower classes?
>> No. 15850

BUT!!!! Can I point out, WTF, WTF, our little polly in this video. Where she still clearly didnt start to grow boobs.

What the fuck is that shave pussy of hers. She like 9-10 yr old. Has a shave pussy like a porn start for Xhamster with shave bumps and black hair.

Im traumatize. This aint my lil girl, shes turning into a granny
>> No. 15851
I remember LS models being so prolific, you could just log on and join, I'd get emails. Miss the early 2000s...nothing beats AOL tho <wink>
>> No. 15878
hopefully the other art of this video were polly gives the black butt plug a nice workout...secret city...
>> No. 15879
need to see Polly HC
>> No. 15881
I can not open 7z format in Windows 10 :(
>> No. 15882
why dont you post
>> No. 15883
File 15245330605.png - (1.05MB , 1651x924 , pollyfan.png )
>> No. 15892
File 152454158098.jpg - (53.93KB , 510x373 , ZZZZZZZZZZZ.jpg )
HOW to open:
download HJSPLIT join the parts together, you will get a rar file, open the rar file with the password
>> No. 15893
Wow! Epic post Anonymous! Many thanks for this unexpected treasure! Any advice how to watch it without choppiness? I use VLC and maybe the processors are too slow on this old LT. TIA 4 any advice.
>> No. 15894
Dont know what the dudes problem is tbh. DL files and highlight all, then use 7-zip to unpack. Easy
>> No. 15895
thank you, thank you so much......
>> No. 15908
You missed the flight now just sit on your wc and pretend you're flying :p
>> No. 15977
MediaPlayer !!
>> No. 15978
You can always use gom player
>> No. 15989
oh you really think you have something really good here didnt you leecher xD lol
>> No. 15992
Thanks for the Polly vid, any more little girls
getting off would be appreciated!!
>> No. 15997
Thanks Anonymous for player advice. I'll check them out. Appreciate the help.
>> No. 15998
Why the "cashpedos" are here?
go and pay we wait and get free
>> No. 16000
Nothing ... absolutely nothing you got interests me :p
>> No. 16002
they pay their money for crappy content and cry later like babies when it's leaked ... too bad ( really -saks- to be sandy .
>> No. 16032
There is nothing strange that the camera is shaking so hard!
>> No. 16074
>> No. 16124
oar Polly Vidz iz?
>> No. 16188
fucking loser!
We are happy u'll die soon in prison!
>> No. 16190
the video with the original audio is better
that music alone removes the charm of pleasure
>> No. 16212
>>15892 HJ-split not needed only 7zip is what you need
>> No. 16226
Man, I love you. Polly is my love. I am totally crazy about her. This video can make anyone cum buckets. Her fat ass with that little asshole twitching. And that time when she cums and skirts and her asshole twitches like crazy. Also, she is pretty open in both holes. She got no hymen and her pussy is pretty open, and he little asshole gaps up to something like half inch at least. So she was taking dick in both ass and pussy by the time that video was shot.
Legend in the deep web tells that guys with enough money and clout with the producers could pay to schedule private parties with some of the polar lights girls. I am pretty sure that, if that is true, polly got some good banging and made some good money...
>> No. 16252

some kind soul got this down to a reasonable size , great to have , but not worth 1GB really
>> No. 16255
I'd pay 10 mil to marry Polly.
>> No. 16256
Did Polly's little sister ever make anything?
>> No. 16603
Thank you so much!
>> No. 16610
Amazing!! Please post sets of Polly!!
>> No. 16646
Polly's sister Agatha appears in lots of Polly sets and vids
>> No. 16648
Video or pics set with Agatha?
>> No. 16769
Is there a matching set to the video of girl in fishnet stockings?
>> No. 16770
it have 1 matching set but right now its hoarded
>> No. 16975
Polly vid in smaller version please somebody help please
>> No. 17135
very beautiful. especially that she is oiled, I love that
>> No. 17272
'You can always use gom player' Many thanks on gom suggestion my man! Works great!
>> No. 17277
Does anyone have the matching set
>> No. 17482
File 152502637159.jpg - (118.04KB , 768x1024 , CJIFy4yhdEg.jpg )
Hoarders are dead
>> No. 17515
Did you just learn this word recently and are so proud you have to use it all over this board?
Give it a rest already would you.
>> No. 17518
still crying like a b ?
>> No. 17519
this vid is the best of all the hoarded stuff
now that it's leaked they can all go die good riddance x'D x'D x'D
>> No. 17530
you enter into a contract of trust as you are the trustee.
Vids to rare to share give them a half a year to a year.
>> No. 17531
that's where you're wrong dude they never want to giveit away thats why they called hoarders they hold their butts tight to it
>> No. 17535
The Pig idiot called Aka JBL is member in Fruitboard as Ragna. This bipolar stupid have the ass hurting for Verner The Producer of PL
>> No. 17538
File 152505654333.jpg - (159.23KB , 609x1080 , LORy9btvYiw.jpg )
>> No. 17541
File 152505733937.jpg - (292.52KB , 1280x859 , WxMXJeYGy04.jpg )
>> No. 17542
File 152505760111.jpg - (199.49KB , 768x1024 , wSPH8ZDRoOI.jpg )
polly sis katrin
>> No. 17543
File 152505782753.jpg - (467.65KB , 1280x960 , ql9K0a3hNIg.jpg )
polly and katrin
>> No. 17544
File 152505799811.jpg - (244.82KB , 1280x960 , l8QUh5khJYk.jpg )
>> No. 17545
File 152505899938.jpg - (218.46KB , 960x1280 , KviIQiJOBAo.jpg )
>> No. 17550
File 152505933434.jpg - (132.04KB , 807x605 , y_b9911492.jpg )
>> No. 17556
File 152505946896.jpg - (34.08KB , 936x544 , mama.jpg )
>> No. 17560
File 152505976577.jpg - (35.34KB , 939x535 , mama.jpg )
>> No. 17561
File 152506037347.jpg - (51.47KB , 923x547 , mama.jpg )
y´r mama is crazy :)
>> No. 17563
File 152506107733.jpg - (506.76KB , 1080x1080 , polinik_ru - Bcp8MH5BPOB_Bcp8JJwhy3l.jpg )
>> No. 17565
File 152506356420.jpg - (131.74KB , 768x1024 , 9y6bFyPonfM.jpg )
>> No. 17570
Thread started off great, now just unnecessary dialog and worthless pics. More little girls getting off (however they choose) would be nice.
>> No. 17578
nice, more candids plz :D
>> No. 17580
File 152508692398.png - (1.01MB , 1568x788 , 1.png )
Share photos with logo... Absolutely, 100500% stupid mom. Now I am understood how russian police find him and arrested in August 2016.
>> No. 17581
File 152508694259.png - (525.45KB , 836x816 , 2.png )
>> No. 17582
File 152508706614.png - (818.60KB , 1581x762 , p.png )
Polly 2017 :)
>> No. 17584
File 15250876165.png - (905.15KB , 922x787 , boss.png )
Police talks, that boss of studio was 61yo woman. May be this is she.
>> No. 17585
File 152508783121.png - (562.04KB , 1181x785 , lp2.png )
Nice little Polly in 2014.
>> No. 17586
Less nice Polly in 2016.
>> No. 17587
File 152508790332.png - (1.31MB , 1402x785 , lp1.png )
Polly in 2016
>> No. 17588
File 152508813221.png - (728.94KB , 925x789 , pd.png )
Polly with dildo:)
>> No. 17595
Definitely looks like they had their lives ruined XD
>> No. 17596
Has there been any reports of arrested customers?
>> No. 17610
No. I think that police don't find them.

Ha-ha:) Theoretically her mom must be under arrest. But mom's VK-page online. H-m-m-m
>> No. 17616
It's funny when studios go down in flames , the girls live on of course and it's great to see them in "retirement" , but I wonder if say Veronika mouse or even Masha went to Fashionland if they would let them model , I bet they would , it would be instant sales!
>> No. 17668
you want to be a Mod? Stop allowing people to post personal Shit you little FUCK!
>> No. 17673
10 mil. Zlotty ?
>> No. 17676
this is true....
>> No. 17763
Awesome vid!! Thanks.
>> No. 18361
File 152535484226.jpg - (386.29KB , 1597x802 , Pd&g_mp4.jpg )
>> No. 18378

Rather Psychedelic! Wouldn't mind having that as wallpaper - but, the prison warden wont allow it!!
>> No. 18444
Links to the archive, you need them all:
#1 http://upfile.mobi/PEKtjDEpYrb
#2 http://upfile.mobi/mlfMT2L6DuI
#3 http://upfile.mobi/vo3Jy5KDB4F
#4 http://upfile.mobi/IkNbeDZRRlj
#5 http://upfile.mobi/7wxCwKnVEyB

Links to the backup of archive, you need them all:
#1 https://minfil.org/zbwfp0eabe/discoinferno.7z.001
#2 https://minfil.org/Zbx4p0e3b1/discoinferno.7z.002
#3 https://minfil.org/c321p9e3b0/discoinferno.7z.003
#5 https://minfil.org/0633pcebbc/discoinferno.7z.005


Hope you like

Recently found this ! exactly my taste

and Hoarders are Scum
>> No. 19489
File 152583125216.jpg - (125.08KB , 792x816 , 141746477784.jpg )
>>15554 anyone have THIS set? note: I edited out the bottom of the pic to remove what's in her:)
>> No. 19491
Stop using windblows!!
>> No. 19493
I love how her ass opens and shuts as she enjoys the massage!!
I want to hear her groan and moan as she orgasms!!
Her pussy-lips just swell!!
>> No. 19494
She obviously has some kind of venereal sickness - just look at her horrible spotty mound - yuck!!
>> No. 19500
She dosn't have a clue as to what she is doing.

Its the photographers fault - not hers of course. Just another fucking pedo idiot making bad movies!!
>> No. 19501
oh , quit trying to pass that faked pic around dude
>> No. 19515
They kinda look like razor bumps from shaving. It's not uncommon for some girls even as young as 10 to start growing pubic hair.
>> No. 21005
pd&g video file not working can you reup load it
>> No. 21363
File 152679911725.jpg - (129.30KB , 1024x646 , 7441jpg_6402821_29936668.jpg )
looking fo this one!
>> No. 21451
>> No. 22849
File 152703891590.jpg - (30.15KB , 800x295 , Nikpos.jpg )

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