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/hebe/ ~ Polyfan
File 151579269444.jpg - (1.15MB , 1024x1816 , IMG_5357_1.jpg )
7527 No. 7527
Has she been posted before please - if so, i apologize. (Damned american text correction)
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>> No. 19712
Hi. I'm the anon who posted the ArtBBS links so others who don't have any of Polly's sets can get to view them.


I simply knew of a Polly source and shared it so others could enjoy.

If you have all the original sets that are available there without the watermarks and bloated file sizes please post them.

Tip. If you use a VPN you can easily change your IP between each file segment download and not have to wait between downloads. Also use both file hosts to get two segments at a time.
>> No. 19722

P39 OP here. I always and only post original material, that's why I strongly dislike people who modify stuff. In the long run, these modified files tend to stay while the originals vanish. A good example of that is the SibMouse Veronika mag set, one can only find a 160 Mb randomly renamed version these days while the original set was 570 Mb and is almost impossible to find today.
I have all the PL issued sets in original versions and would be glad to post anything requested but I simply can't stand the promotion of that artbbs guy who is in the trade since long long years and systematically destroy the stuff he puts online.
>> No. 19728
Post them on mega.nz

>> No. 20717
Where you referring to Siberian Mouse - Mag 02 Set 04 (MS_16)? I've got 153 images (0001 might be missing as it goes from IMG_0002 to IMG_0154) and its 750mb in size.
>> No. 22228
File 151946835449.jpg - (3.14MB , 5184x3456 , IMG_0074.jpg )
No, Mag 3 set 3 NIK (Veronika). This original set is still available on freenet but everywhere else including here, I've only seen the downgraded version. I have the original setso I don't need it uploaded but I'm pretty sure that some people will request it when they'll realize they have a modified version.

Original sample
>> No. 22229
Please share all of your Veronika sets!
>> No. 22234
pls can you post the oiriginal set of nk i use to have it i downloaded from the board who was posted in 2012 but in a change of hearth i deleted all my stuff in them many originals and this original set too :( pls post it.
>> No. 22236

Yes later on. Its a big one.
>> No. 22237
many thanks you are my hero :)
>> No. 22251
File 151950527832.jpg - (3.87MB , 3456x5184 , IMG_0039.jpg )
Siberian Mouse

Mag 3 set 03 NIK Original set 585 Mb

>> No. 23075
>> No. 23157
Anyone? this video please
>> No. 24509
Link for download "Polyfan" please...
>> No. 26529
File 152004948714.jpg - (2.53MB , 3456x5184 , IMG_4756.jpg )
>> No. 26530
File 152004959548.jpg - (2.40MB , 3110x4666 , IMG_6285.jpg )
>> No. 27710
Polly my first and forever love.
>> No. 27948
More Polly will be appreciated.
>> No. 28029
File 152026952656.jpg - (2.44MB , 3110x4666 , IMG_4390.jpg )
>> No. 28030
File 15202696384.jpg - (2.35MB , 3110x4666 , IMG_5353.jpg )
>> No. 28031
File 152026986042.jpg - (2.62MB , 3110x4666 , IMG_5354.jpg )
>> No. 28034
File 152026999981.jpg - (1.51MB , 3456x5184 , IMG_5248.jpg )
>> No. 28036
File 152027015825.jpg - (2.19MB , 3110x4666 , IMG_6281.jpg )
>> No. 28037
File 152027037631.jpg - (2.69MB , 3456x5184 , IMG_4221.jpg )
>> No. 28868
Polly got a face here that tells: "Yeah. That was good. Could have been a little harder or with more guys at same time, but was good nonetheless"
>> No. 28977
she never ever did anything HC ever.
>> No. 29049
THAT GUY IS USING HIS IMAGINATION! You fucking subhuman leftist-liberal, third-world moron.
>> No. 29109
belong to Hermetic Mysteries and against NWO now shut the FUCK UP!
>> No. 33020
he is just a fucking asshole, dont go away...
plz mr. wingman
>> No. 35454
could I get the password for the depfile items, thanks
>> No. 39878
there is a pic of her in the tie outfit getting it ive seen via 144chan downloads. fake maybe? it wasn't listed as being so in the files.
>> No. 39906
I got access to depfile but it ask for pw, do you have the pw for this files, and may I have it so I can access the files
>> No. 40036
Thank you!
>> No. 40037
whom i have to kill to get this set?
>> No. 40039
try pollyfan
or 144chan
never seen a HC pic but there might be pics of her pissing. Can't remember and I have seen every set of her but on onion you know there might have been a pee one.
>> No. 40182

Polly is so perfect.
Post more Katrin, she is so nice and quiet
>> No. 40380
Hey, thank you for your kindness, but I still not able to open the zip file. I guess keep trying to see if the file open. thanks.
>> No. 47973
try bigboard or 0123456789 or 1234567890
>> No. 48280
someone please upload her sets on dl.free.fr
>> No. 52578
could you reload these files, i try to get them downloaded from depfile and pass them on.
>> No. 53676
File Polly_mast.mp4 - (7.32MB , Polly mast.mp4 )
>> No. 53680

full video pleeze!
>> No. 53683
Can someone just webm the orgasm contractions with sound?
>> No. 53693
no sound , and just music , it's really not worth it , you see the tiniest bit of "squirt/pee" , and that's it really boring
>> No. 53695
>>19325 can anyone repost the pink mesh set? Link is no good.
>> No. 53696
Why are there never any orgasm contraction webms. Or any orgasm webms. >:(
>> No. 53700
>>7692 >>7682
Any luck locating this set?
>> No. 57921
>>7679 So I have the "safe" version of this set, but more than half the pics are missing. Happy to post if anyone's interested. BUT it looks like the whole set is out there since there are some posted above. Can anyone share??? 😉
>> No. 58303
Did we exhaust all of her stuff?
>> No. 60757
File Pd&g.webm - (6.50MB , Pd&g.webm )
>> No. 60780
fuuuuck no, there is a god damn ton of polly material. she modeled for about 3 years. there are a dozen hoarded pic sets and videos still.

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