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/hebe/ ~ New Polly HC
File 152561920445.jpg - (571.58KB , 2000x1333 , Polly_set78_0144c.jpg )
53378 No. 53378
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>> No. 53380
moar please !
>> No. 53382
PBIRDS/PL doesn't have the greatest track record for their HC stuff , but for Polly I'll give them the benefit of the doubt :P
>> No. 53383
File 152562287132.jpg - (1.73MB , 1289x1998 , 147701320768.jpg )
now if it were Anna , I would blow my load before the download completed :P , her bate vid is still the best thing to come out of PB/PL , even if she's faking/has no clue what she's doing :D
>> No. 53387
Sound like the pig Sunbow / fruity100 make new fakes again?
>> No. 53416
seen one pic from the tie set in which she's being penetrated. I think it came from the beaver dirty mix sets.
>> No. 53417
File 152564312818.jpg - (125.08KB , 792x816 , 141746477784.jpg )
I cropped it to eliminate the um...act. left orig file name from "dirty mix -fuck."
>> No. 53421
File 152564520011.jpg - (121.10KB , 339x501 , POLLY.jpg )
op's pic might be real , but >>53417 is fake , it's this pic flipped and edited below the waist
>> No. 53427
thos who post FAKE photoshoped pics have micro penises so they FAKE penetrating their wives by entering their index and their wives FAKE orgasms , they also have FAKE personalities
>> No. 53448
More plis
>> No. 53776
again, it was from Beaver dirty-mix. sorry if you think fake.
>> No. 53803
"sorry if you think fake"

another guy here; I dont think but I SEE it's fake!
>> No. 53807
>> No. 58946
Will anyone post a set or just previews?
>> No. 58978
is there any way that this video can be posted.
>> No. 58980
can we get this set posted? thanks.

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